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A UK-based private water treatment company, our water treatment services range from daily water monitoring and testing to manufacturing and supplying water treatment chemicals, water treatment equipment and specialist custom made water softener systems. Our accredited and certified specialist consultancy services ensure our commercial customers are in a safe working environment and our customer industrial and effluent plants are running efficiently. At Chemsol we specialise in commercial applications and are experts in ensuring legionella control, polymer and acid chemicals, biological water treatment and effluent and wastewater treatment.

Call outs & Servicing

We have a dedicated, professional, trained and certified team of water treatment engineers and consultants that provide expertise advice, daily servicing, emergency call outs and deliveries of water treatment chemicals, equipment and accessories.

Through our professional, efficient and reliable service we are proud to work with some of the most prestigious water treatment works, private water treatment customers including holiday parks, large domestic properties and dairy and poultry farms within North West England and Wales.

We know that servicing and maintenance is essential in keeping your water treatment system, whether its a small point of use system or a large duplex multi use water softener system running safe and to its optimum performance. Whether you require a service contract or adhoc service, we can tailor our water treatment service you require to suit your needs.

Waste Water & Trade Effluent Treatment

Chemsol is successfully proven and reliable in the field of waste water and trade effluent treatment, providing in-depth consultancy, site surveys and unrivaled cost effective solutions, including the full process strategy and long term support.

From the management of surface water run off to the most complex effluent clean-up, the need to reduce environmental impact, reduce water bills (in and out) and provide a consistent fail safe solution is paramount.

The intelligent use of Chemical and Biological techniques have been perfected with years of experience, this with the ability to provide a combined engineering, installation and maintenance programme, means Chemsol is the one stop solution for the success of your treatment plant and your business.

Drinking Water Testing Kit

We have developed an easy step by step Drinking Water Testing Kit for you to know exactly what is in your water, and coincide with national legislations.

If you do not have access to mains water supply, achieving suitable drinking water can be a problem whether you have a borehole, well, spring extracting from a river or any other water source. Before you can drink your water you will need to have your water tested to see if there are any parameters that are over the National Drinking Water Requirement Limit.

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What’s in your water?

If you are not on a mains water supply, you need to know what you are drinking.

Peace of mind

Once we have your water tested, you know the water you are drinking is safe and clean.

UKAS Accredited Laboratory

We work in partnership with the UK’s largest most trusted Laboratory Group to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Perfect tasting water

Once we have worked with you in treating your water, you will have perfect water on tap.

Our Services

Benefit from a free on-site consultation with one of our representatives.

If you are interested in becoming a valued customer or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us and see how we can help.

Call Outs & Servicing

There may be times when you require a professional, trained and certified water engineer to help solve your system problems. We have a team of engineers that do just that.

Water Coolers

From counter top to floor standing water coolers, we provide our customers with service contracts that include monthly servicing or one-off purchases to suit your needs.

Chemical & Biological

We are a leading provider of complete water treatment technology solutions for both chemical and biological water treatment.

Private Water Supplies

From UV light filtration, to 10″ filters, equipment and spares our experienced and professional engineers install, maintain and repair tailor made private water systems to suit your needs.

Water Softeners

We use the most advanced water softener technology to treat your water supply. Our engineers can tailor your water softener system to fully suit your requirements.

Waste Water & Trade Effluent

Successfully proven and reliable in the field of waste water and trade effluent treatment.

Treating your Private Water Supply

Private drinking water supplies are water supplies that have water from their own private water source. A water source that is not provided or supplied through mains water. Private water supplies and the responsibility of their owners, and in turn have strict legislation on the water quality.

The quality of your private water supply whether from a borehole, spring, well, stream or reservoir can be variable. Some private water supplies are naturally sound, and well managed. Other private water supplies are unmanaged and present a health risk due to the poor quality of water.

Water borne diseases such as Escherichia coli, cryptosporidium and foecal coliforms are naturally occurring in untreated water which all present health risk issues. Symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting and general poor health are consequences of untreated water.

There are also natural chemical parameters that need to be understood. Chemical parameters in untreated private water supplies such as iron, manganese, aluminium and calcium can also present a risk to health.

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