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Potable Process Water

From industrial scale treatment, to simple drinking water, Chemsol has the solution.

Purification and Management

With the cost of mains water escalating year on year, the use of an alternative water source is becoming much more financially attractive.


Chemsol provides process water treatment solutions to all industrial and food processing applications, backed by a service to second to none. Whether you have a bore hole, a river, a lake, rain water harvesting potential or recycled water source available, Chemsol has the technology to analyse, design and deliver your purified process water project.

Covering flow rates ranging from a few litres per hour up to 1000’s of cubic meters per minute, with water qualities spanning a wide range of purification technologies from filtered and softened, through to ultra-pure water with resistivity better than 18 MO.cm.

Process Water Purification and Management

  • Filtration processes
  • Heavy Metal Removal
  • Iron & Manganese Removal
  • Biological treatment
  • Ultra-violet disinfection
  • Membrane technologies
  • Carbon Treatment

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