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Industrial Water Treatment

Chemsol provides a one stop consultation, planning and installation service on all types of industrial and commercial applications. With a vision of providing value through service, Chemsol has helped clients save money by conserving energy, water, reducing downtime, increasing equipment efficiency, cleaning up trade effluent and maintaining legislative standards.


Water Purification

Extensive industry experience and problem solving skills give Chemsol the edge to resolve water treatment issues and mitigate increased cost and environmental responsibilities which modern businesses have to deal with.


Water Purification


  • Filtration processes

  • Heavy Metal Removal

  • Biological treatment

  • Ultra-violet disinfection

  • Membrane bioreactors

  • Aeration & Flocking

  • Grit Removal

  • Filtration processes

  • Chemical processes

  • Biological processes

  • Thickening and dewatering technologies

  • Sludge Treatment

  • Tertiary Treatement

Chemsol will help your business achieve its objectives be it a small project or a major area for significant change. Contact us directly to find out more.

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